Manual of the department

Mukhanbetzhanova Aliya Bigaziyevna

Mukhanbetzhanova Aliya Bigaziyevna

Head of Department

Date of Birth
20 February 1978

Place of Birth
city of Uralsk

Higher, West Kazakhstan State Agrarian University

Scientific degree, academic rank 
Does not have

Work experience 
She worked as a teacher at the Kozhevnikov Secondary School in the Zelenovsky District; the leading expert of the Committee for Land Management of the Zelenovsky District, the village of Peremetnoye; the chief specialist in land relations of the department of agriculture and land relations of the Zelenovsky district, the village of Peremetnoye; Head of the Department of Land Relations of the Zelenovsky District, the village of Peremetnoye.

Days of reception and time 
Thursday, 16:00-18:00

Information on incomes and property for 2016 (published on March 17, 2017) (Сведения о доходах и имуществе за 2016 год (опубликовано 17.03.2017 года)
The total amount of accrued annual income is KZT 3,687,759.
Income taxable at the source of payment - 2 381 273 tenge.
Immovable property on the right of private property is a residential house with a land plot with a total area of 0.06 hectares located in the Michurino village of the Michurinsky village. Zelenovsky District WKO.
Movable property on the right of private property (vehicle) - Nissan Tiida (2011 y.)


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Work regulations

Monday through Friday

from 09:00-18:30, break from 13:00-14:30

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